Frequently asked questions

S3D crashes when I start it.

Verify you have DirectX 9.0c with Managed Extensions installed.
See Software requirements for more info

Can I get the source code from S3D?

No, not per se. S3D is largely based on corporate code, and hence I can't distribute the code as is. I will be happy to help (and if possible share fragments of code) if anyone requests so. In the future, I do plan to release full code, after I have revised it and removed private code.

Can I use the binaries from S3D in my own applications?

No. They are copyright protected for the time being.

Don't you have documentation or a help file with S3D?

Unfortunately no, not yet. I hope to get this sorted at some point.

S3D fails to load some SH3 files or some modded files.

This may happen because:

  1. I have not implemented every controller unique to SH3 (iow. removed in SH4).
  2. The file is corrupt.
  3. The file is heavily changed with other tools, and does not follow rules that S3D expects. If you assume this is the case, please send me the file(s) in question and I will change S3D if possible/needed.