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You can find me at the SUBSIM forums, mostly the SH4 Mods Workshop.

S3D thread at SUBSIM

If you want to email me, you can find my address in the Aboutbox in S3D.

About me

I am by no means a hardcore subsimmer. I do remember playing a subsim on my Commodore 128, but I don't remember the name of it. Since then, I've mostly played FPS and RTS games, and my favorite to date has to be Quake II and Quake III Arena.

When I purchased SH3 online back in '05, I didn't really know what to expect. I had just left my Q3 clan (I've been in 2 clans for over 6 years with Q3!), not so much because the game got old, but because it cost me so much free time. Priorities change as you get older (do I need to tell you?) and well, same for me. I needed a relaxing game, one that didn't get me overexited (Q3 is bad for your heart in (semi)pro-matches which I took part in) and preferable good single player. SH3 did just that. I could play it, don't care about other reallife players, and generally relax for hours until I would run into an enemy ship. Had some good fun with it.

In 2006 my (first?) son was born and SH3 was out of the picture. I didn't really care about gaming for a period, but not for long. At some point I started playing some games again, but I didn't play SH3 anymore, because due to time constraints I would never really finish any patrols, and I started to dislike the poor graphics compared to newer games.

When I learned SH4 was coming out in 2007, I was very thrilled. I must say I'm a graphics/eye candy junky, so hearing about an upgraded graphics engine and the new theater was great news. I pre-ordered immediately. After release, many of us remember the deception, we got a buggy game and it was basically unplayable for at least 3 months. I only played the first 2-3 weeks. But I really liked the new engine and saw the possibilities for this game.

This is when I decided I would get into modding. I've had previous experiences in writing tools for games, and even coding game mods (again Q3). For Silent Hunter, there were already some tools, but none did what I had in mind and some were not really functioning well with SH4. This resulted in my idea to start S3D, and the rest is history...