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My current project for Silent Hunter is a big one. S3D (short for Silent 3ditor). This is a tool that allows modders to make changes to game content and game play. It's very easy interface, dozens of unique features, and support for a wide variety of files make S3D a must-have for every modder. This project is still a work in progress and is far from perfect, but if you don't use even the version available now, you miss out on something great. Just ask anyone that is already using it ;)

05-08-2009 - v0.9.9 released

The final release of S3D will be out shortly. From my readme-file, here are my last notes:


S3D is nearing version 1.0, and as such I am wrapping this project up. For over 2 years I have put my heart and soul into this application for everyone to use free or charge. In that time, I uncovered many more secrets of Silent Hunter, allowing for awesome new mods and idea's to come to reality, and even with this release new mods will be possible (animations, damage model, etc.). I released over 20 versions of S3D, and have well over 18.000 downloads in total since I started measuring (since version 0.5.4, in january 2008!). The last beta was downloaded close to 5000 times by itself! Quite a feat for a game in a niche market, and I'm interested to see how this release will do. I enjoyed all the feedback and excitement by the users (you!). All of you made this a great asset for the game, I just built it... ;)

But it has to end somewhere, and that moment is now. There are still a couple of things left on my wish list but I don’t any more time to spend on this project, it’s time to move on for me. Thanks to everybody that supported me, and thanks for the open community spirit that I have strived for. I like to believe I have made my mark on the community, and hope everyone appreciates my efforts to bring all modders together. I wish everyone the best.

Have fun using S3D!!


Available in the download section.

24-01-2009 - v0.9.7 released

Available in the download section.

A new video feature tour is coming soon.

02-01-2009 - v0.9.4 released

Happy 2009!

This release is a quick release with some very important bugfixes. If you do not update, you run the risk of corrupting files that contain animations.

Changelog - IMPORTANT - Please read!

Download page

17-12-2008 - v0.9.3 released

Long story short: Get the massively improved S3D now!

Changelog - IMPORTANT - Please read!

Download page

11-12-2008 - Next update coming soon!

It's been yet again a long time. But I have been very busy in that period. Tons of new stuff has been added to S3D, and I am nearing my final goals now. The next S3D is currently being tested by a small group of people, to ensure it is as stable as possible, because nowadays everybody is relying on S3D. I don't want people to experience new problems, so that's why. Once this release is out, I have one more release planned. Stay tuned!

06-07-2008 - v0.9.0 released

A long time since I updated my site but I had several reasons. Firstly, I took a break. For several weeks I had to get away from this project, because it has been over 14 months since I started this by now. When I got back, I picked up code from 6 months ago where I built my first private 3D viewer. Since v0.8.2 was pretty stable and provides plenty of features to the modders, I didn't feel any need to rush anything. This feeling worked well, together with the time off, and the result is a bunch of cool new features. Which? Go read the changelog ASAP...

During the upcoming summer, I will again take a break. Hope you all enjoy the new release!

02-04-2008 - Beta v0.8.2 released

I have skipped a couple of releases to the general public because I finally introduced the most wanted 'model import' functionality. The problems I have had doing so were many. This led to the descision to drop the Collada format as the primary import/export format (it is still available as export option). I've built a workaround method using multiple .obj-files (and/or .uvw-files), which works fine now. At subsim.com I've released a couple of 'private' releases, and it has been tested by quite a few members, and by now, we are at release v0.8.2 and I think it's now time to release it in public.

I am not going to repeat everything regarding past releases, read the changelog and I encourage you to read the following threads from the pages and further that I link here to understand every new feature and also what has changed (which is quite a lot):

S3D release thread, feature discussions

[TEC] Import/export 3D models to/from game using S3D

This will be my last release for a while. Hope you enjoy it!

Available in the download section.


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